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About Karen

Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

Who am I?

Who am I not? Here are some of my roles in no particular order….

Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Niece, Cousin, Child of God, Friend, Neighbor, Girl Scout Leader, Perpetual Student, Coach, Ex-Wife, Sister, Aunt, Consultant, Speaker, Daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, Christian Counselor, and I could go on but you get the point. More importantly, who are you and what are your roles? Which ones give you life and which ones are you mourning?

My Education & Qualifications

I attended Southern Victoria High School in Perth-Andover, NB, Canada and Fort Fairfield High School in Maine, USA. My friends and I agree that most of our teachers provided us with a high quality education. Scholarships and grants paved the way for my undergraduate degree in Social Work. Old fashioned student loans were utilized for my graduate degree also in Social Work. Both degrees are in thanks to the University of Maine in Orono, School of Social Work where I had AMAZING professors. I was smart and paid loans off when selling my first home. I was dumb and borrowed more when working on my PHD. What was more dumb is that I didn’t finish (yet). What was brilliant is that I adopted a child instead. I’ll write about my career later when I update….

The “Tea”

The “tea” is gossip. I know this from my teen daughter. Time to share my vulnerabilities. Most of us prefer hiding and not discussing as it can bring up shame. Let’s discuss, heal and move on!! Let me encourage you to do the same! Here’s my “tea”… dysfunctional family that included domestic violence and other traumas; suicide attempt when I was 12 years old and desperate to leave my circumstances; ran away at 14 years old; one sexual assault; sexual harassment that included 22 EEO complaints; stalked by an old boyfriend; two divorces; and I’m obese. There is more but this is a start in showing you my wounds, imperfections, and humanity. Other than that, I’ve been told that I’m beautiful inside and out. Most days, I know this to be true.

Let me help you see that this is true for you too.


Karen, CEO & Founder

Determined to make a difference in the lives of women impacted by trauma. With every business she builds, she wants women to have services and opportunities that will aid in their recovery, including running their own businesses for time and money freedom.

Geneviev, Manager

Effective at handling multiple complex tasks, organizing the team with our new Customer Management System, and is a master trouble shooter. Has a heart of service and a desire to help survivors as well.

Jesica, Designer

Graphic artist mastermind taking our brand to the next level by being sensitive to the need of survivors in their work.

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